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Stichting Manneka Nederland

Op 12 mei 2011 is Stichting Manneka Nederland officieel opgericht via een akte bij Van Dijk De Jongh Notarissen in Dronten als ondersteunende organisatie voor Manneka Inc in Liberia. Tevens is de stichting ingeschreven bij de Kamer van Koophandel onder nummer  52722279 en heeft een eigen rekeningnummer met IBAN NL10 ABNA 0542 4325 28. Vanaf de oprichtingsdatum hebben wij een ANBI status en zijn we bij de Belastingdienst bekend onder RSIN 850568420 voor verdere details zie deze link

Manneka aan het werk PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 07 September 2011 18:15


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Manneka's projects PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 14 December 2008 12:29
  1. Manneka started again two children clubs on two locations (Congo town and Rockhole). Every Saturday there are around 150 children coming.
  2. They started to train young people how to make colvers, blocks and how to do hand pump maintenance.
  3. A football team started (Manneka FC). This football team has a very good influence on the community! First they cleaned the neighbourhood where they play football, and now they also want to build latrines.
  4. Manneka organizes trips to Jovillage. Jovillage is stationed in a Muslim area. During the war, the rebels came into Jovillage and took everything away, but this village survived and is building up again. These people really welcome visitors and they are willing to show how to survive and live in the bush. Right now there will be a group of 12 children going from Mercy Ships.
  5. Also Manneka started to build up a school and is helping in education materials.
  6. There is First Aid at the gate. People who are hungry get rice. People who need medical treatment get help to go to the hospital.
  7. Rice project: The rice is getting more expensive. But sometimes it happens that rice get be sponsored and Manneka can get divide rice in Congotown and other parts of Monrovia. Right now, they just sponsored schools and individuals with several bags of rice.
  8. The quilt and patchwork program: Twelve ladies get a course in patchwork and how to make quilts.
  9. In cooperation with Mercy Ships, three times already the Jesusmovie is shown in Congotown, Elwa and Rockhole.
  10. An assessment has started in Congo town, Peach Island and Rockhole, with the focus on hygiene, WATSAN, malaria prevention, to write a proposal for donors.
  11. The Congotown community receives training to take care/ repair of the well.
  12. Youth workers receives training to work fulltime in youth ministry.
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