On the Saturday there always will be a Children Bible Club on 2 locations; Rockhole and Congotown. Around the hundred children are coming together. They will hear a Bible story, we will pray and sing together, we play games and we always give something to drink, to eat or a present. The clubs are leaded by Ezechiel and Wheda. Often we use a flanell board to teach stories out of the Bible. The children will always learn a Bible verse.

During the week often the children come by and tell, for example, that they still remember the Bible verse or they start to sing a song that they just learned.



In May we made with Motherday all flowers that the children could give to their mom. They decorated the flower and wrote a small card to the mom. As result a few mothers came by to tell how pleased they where. One kid came by to tell that he that he got extra rice and fish, as a present back from is mom.

And some more pictures....




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