Many kids in Liberia don't go to school because their family is deep in poverty. 80% of Liberians live on less than $ 1, - a day. Parents are not making enough money to support the family and therefore they be forced to keep their children home to work for example selling cold water on the street, Even the ‘free’ government primary education system have hidden costs as uniforms and PE outfit, basic school supplies etc. Many parents are not able to pay even these expenses.

MANNEKA believes that every human being deserves a chance to learn. For the nearly one in ten Liberians who have survived past five years old, 42% have never attended school. More secondary – school – age children attend primary school than secondary school in Liberia. The civil war is over, but we have another fight on our hands,” says the Assistant Minister for Primary Education, Keturah Seibu. “That is, to mold the minds of our children who missed out so much due to war and poverty. We need to get our children from their homes, off the streets and into the classrooms.”

Mambu and Anneke Quoi started in 2004 with giving out 3 scholarships to children whose parents were not able to pay school fees. In 2009, five years later Manneka was able to sent 46 children to school in Monrovia and Bomi County.Beside school fees Manneka provides the students also with stationary, uniform and shoes and if possible with some study books.So families do not lost any money by sending their kids to school through the MANNEKA scholarships program.


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Making a difference in the life of a child in Liberia will impact the next generations of Liberians

Therefore MANNEKA started in 2009 with the construction of a school in Jo village, Bomi County. With the financial support of the MANNEKA supporters in the Netherlands and school names is the building almost ready. The students who are attending, nursery, kindergarten, grade 1 and grade 2, have their classes already in the new school building.

MANNEKA likes to focus in the future beside the scholarships, more on after school programs including homework assistance and helping students building their basic mathematics, reading, phoenix and spelling skills,

During the first 3 months in 2010 MANNEKA set up 5 school libraries in Monrovia, 5 school libraries in Bomi County and in Rivercess and Margibi County respectively 1. MANNEKA received through Samaritan Purse Liberia a donation of more than 6000 English books, fiction, non fiction, science, mathematics, easy reading, chemistry, physics etc. MANNEKA likes to provide opportunities for children to read.


For less than 0.75 USD a day you can send one child to school in Liberia and that make a big difference! Children receive a basic education and the lives of the entire family will improve.


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